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DEL SHEARROW designer & artist

Whether it was grade school, Jr. High or High School, I seem to have always enjoyed creating something out of nothing and I am sure, like many, I still have some of that early childhood art and it actually adorns our home along side of our four children’s youthful school art. There is something very satisfying when you have materials in front of you, whatever they may be, and one is able to fashion those materials into something that others think is somehow worthy, even beautiful, and if there is functional too, even better! I do tend to lean towards functionality with my art more than just sculpture but I seem to always find myself drawn to trying to marry the two together, Art + Function. And guess what, my High School Art Teacher (retired) was just here making some art together – it was a great time!

I truly love what I do and I hope that my passion and the love for what I do come through in each in every work I create. It is not just the satisfaction any artist receives when they see a new client purchase a work of art that they created and they see the smile and the happiness it brings the new owner, it is far more than that eventual feeling of satisfaction. New relationships are forged with every piece of art created.

And if each sale of the art created, if each of those relationships made can somehow be fashioned into something more, I mean something that can really make a difference by purposely working along aside others through our Churches and other organizations…then Awesome! But to make a positive and measurable difference in the lives of the members of our community who are in need of food and shelter, supporting our local First Responders as well as our local Veterans (those are my passions, what’s yours?), well, then I want to be a part of that and encourage others to do the same. That’s a Win, Win.

But, it has to be more than only service. Service can sometimes be just a moment. I’m talking about a lifestyle of helping to make a difference.

Everyone can make a difference. Even one person. Think outside the box. We can all contribute a little something to make a difference in someone’s life. Volunteer and give back to this great country of ours and do it locally and get out there and start forging new lasting relationships with others who want to make a difference!

Shearrow’s Functional Art (SFA) is more than just another artist trying to make his mark, get rich and make it big. My attitude is, if I can make a living doing what I love and what I am passionate about, AND, if I can somehow join that with making a significant and positive difference in people’s lives with my art, skill-sets and talents then again, Win, Win!

Of course I receive a lot of satisfaction and personal joy, as many artists do, knowing that I made something from nothing with my bare hands and my mind…and I look at it much of the time and say to myself, “Wow, pretty cool! I can’t believe that I made that!” And that it was made of that which was thrown away, scrapped and considered no longer useful, but then, it has life and purpose breathed back into it, and now, now it is ‘beauty from ashes’ and that makes it even more satisfying. You made something that others like and want, it makes them smile and feel good. They appreciate the design, originality, there-purposing and hard work that it took to create. And seeing how people light up and enjoy my art and observing them take it in and want to purchase it, well, THAT makes me smile too.

There are so many people out there just waiting to be met and the art I make connects us. I find it so interesting and I enjoy the whole experience of making new friends, fans, supporters and other ‘difference makers’ alike. We all have a story and hopefully we all find our purpose and make a difference where we live. That is why I, we, do what we do here at SFA.

I Choose Love.

Be Nice & Be Tolerant.

Do the right thing.

Give Back…Volunteer.

ON A MORE PERSONAL NOTE . . . My hope and prayer is that the art I create and share with others can somehow be used to make a genuine difference in the lives of others. I also have a real passion for all of our Service Men & Women & those who suffer from PTSD… both Service Members & Civilians alike.

“There’s a big difference between learning from the past and living in the past. One promotes life and growth while the other prevents it.” — Del Shearrow

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Thank You & God Bless America!