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Del Shearrow

Designer & Artist – Madison, WI

“It’s rare that I ever use new, clean, perfect steel and materials. Almost 100% of the materials I use are recycled. I love the character of used, pitted, nicks, scratches, weathered, worn and mangled steel and iron. To be able to breathe both life and purpose back into these materials, to see that they can become something of beauty, and to have a use again, yes, it is very satisfying. And the materials were either given to me, found, or scrap that I’ve literally pulled out of heaps of steel at iron & metal scrapyards.”

Del Shearrow

designer & artist Madison, WI

Art Gallery

Is Now Open!

Our Gallery Partner is LOCATED AT:

ECL Wellness Center
6510 Grand Teton Plaza – suite 204
Madison, WI 53719
M – F 8am to 7pm


Collectors, Home Owners, Designers, Interior Decorators, Business Owners, Business Owners, Homeowners, Professional Photographers, Prop Procurement Specialists, Event Specialists & More!

Any Space:

Medical Waiting/Exam Rooms, Green Rooms, Commercial Entryways/Lobby’s, Offices, Restaurants, Bars, Cafe’, Higher end Salon’s, Event Rentals, Schools, Offices, Board Rooms, Sports Venues & more!


  • Visual Solutions for Your Space – Business & Home

  • Functional Artwork, Furniture, Sculpture, Custom Images & Prints, Custom Solutions for Interior Designers, 1-of-a-kind Images for Graphic Artists & more Visual Solutions for your industry.

  • Cover Design Artwork for Books, Music CD, DVD, Logo Design, Original Custom Made Visuals for Digital Media, Beer, Wine & Distilled Product Labels, and more.

  • Handmade 1-of-a-kind Merchandisers & Promotional Kiosks

  • Turn Your Brand & Image Into ART!

    Multiple Music Notes in Copper

  • Corporate, Restaurant/Bar, Healthcare, Hospitality & Public Venues

  • Original Prints, Matting, Framing & Handmade Original Frames


It doesn’t just look nice, office art is also used as a workplace motivation technique. Original Artwork creates a pleasant environment where workdays are more enjoyable plus there are collateral benefits like higher productivity. Artwork also helps boost creativity. Having an environment that stimulates the senses, spawns creativity, motivation & is also proven to help reduce stress. Original Art helps foster office pride. That pride you take in your company’s space trickles down to your employees AND to your customers. It creates a workplace that employees are proud to work at and bring both clients as well as potential clients into. Artwork attracts clients and customers. Original artworks can certainly help to make your business more attractive conveying stability & strength. Artwork can have a calming effect too. Anything you can do as a managerial force—it can produce creativity while at the same time reducing stress – will always be worth your while.Original Artwork in your space, your environment & in your world shows that you are current, up to date, unique, think outside the box, and on top of things as you lead versus follow.

SFA Biz Card Holder

Shearrow’s Functional Art (SFA) can take YOUR logo, brand & message and transform it into original art for prints & images for your business. For your office space, your communications in writing and online, in your printing and more. SFA is able to take both modest budgets & more robust budgets and produce unique one of a kind images and original works of art for our clients. Whether the artwork is created all at once or created and delivered in stages according to both your needs and your budget SFA has different payment options and production schedules sure to fit your individual needs.

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT inspired design 7′ 6″ tall Floor Mirror

You Are Loved 03

You Are Loved 04

SAY IT WITH ART – Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Employee Appreciation, Special Recognition, Award

Teal Steel Wall Sculpture 03

Teal Steel Wall Sculpture 04

We spend 87% of our time INSIDE buildings and how they are designed, inside and out, really affects how we feel and how we behave.

Isthmus Engineering logo sfaBETH KILLE Guitar-Pic 0420170412_064208911 Memorial Sculpture2011 10 Year Anniversary 911 MEMORIAL SCULPTURE “Never Forget”3 Copper CrossesCopper Crosses: Copper & Steel Cross (100% recycled materials)20160920_091503Table MERCHANDISER SCULPTURE: It turns, it can hold your business cards, it can hold/display Music CD’s, Jewelry, Gift Bags, etc. Sure to get peoples attention! Signage area available to attach YOUR Brand & Visual.20160920_08362920160920_082733Copper Heart close-upCopper 1Copper 4Door Pulls and Crash BarsCustom Door Pulls & Crash-barsCoffee Bar MerchandiserCustom Room Divider Merchandiser with 6 curved serpentine shelves. Galena, ILCustom Store MerchandiserCustom Coffee Bar Merchandiser – Galena, IL (stained glass signage at top was not ready from another artist)Kaladis 925 Coffee Bar 01Kaladi’s 925 Coffee Bar – Galena, ILCustom Coat RackCoat & Hat Rack – 7 ft. 6 inches long – Galena, ILIMG_45104 ft. Custom Coat RackStore MerchandisersCustom Store Merchandiser & DisplayStanding Basket Holder #1Functional Art_  Champagne Bucket  2007Seths Sculpture - Framed 01Wall Sculpture_ Happy Thoughts 2005Functional Sculpture_  Amber Coat Tree 2003Functional Art_  Hammered Bed  2010Handmade & Hand-bent one of a kind. Material: Polished Hot rolled Steel with a Clear coat powder-coating finish. Metal Artist Del Shearrow – Madison, WILukes CrossCopper n Steel Cross close-up o1Seths Cross - Contemporary 01I feel like I’m constantly trying to reinvent how I approach making visuals, assembling shapes, creating art, with whatever materials I may have at that particular time.